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Timbuktu-Zambia is a supplier of power products and engineering solutions in Zambia and surrounding countries. We work with selected manufacturers and engineering partners, complimenting each other.

Historically, we have served only large clients in the telecoms, oil & gas and mining industries across Africa. However, in markets like Zambia we make available the products and solutions we usually supply to industrial clients and blue chip companies, to the broader market- which is desperate for professional, yet cost- efficient solutions for their pressing power requirements.

Our manufacturers and engineering partners boast of an impressive portfolio of projects completed in the African (renewable) energy sector, ranging from smaller residential solutions up to 50KWp to 70MW and 100MW utility scale Solar PV plants. Together with them, we work hard to provide international expertise to the Zambian client, whilst maintaining a compelling value- for- money proposition. We also keep stock in country and are constantly expanding our service capacity on ground.



Customized Design

Every site is different and has its own conditions. Therefore, we don't believe in standardized solutions. Instead, we design each of our solutions individually according to your requirements. To estimate your exact energy demand profile we also offer free data logging. 

Supply of high-end Equipment

African environment is one of the roughest in the world. Extreme weather conditions but also severe load shedding occur regularily. These circumstances require robust products to ensure a long lifespan. Hence, we sell equipment exclusively from trusted brands with very high quality standards. 

Professional Installation

Our installation team comprises technicians with experience in various African countries. They work closely together with local electricians to pass on their knowledge. Our installations follow a standardized process which ensures the full functionality of the systems.



Zambia provides optimal conditions for photovoltaic (PV) with average irradiation rates of 5.5 kWh/m². To harvest that huge source of energy we provide a wide range of photovoltaic solutions for the residential, business and social sector. In general, PV systems can be devided into on-grid and off-grid systems. "On-grid PV systems" have a connection to the public grid (Zesco), whereas "off-grid PV systems" are not connected to any public electricity supply. The basic components of PV systems are the solar array and the inverter. The purpose of an inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) which is generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC). The AC power can then be used by any electronic device.

Our PV solutions combine the solar array and the inverter with a battery bank and/ or a diesel generator. Batteries enable the systems to store solar power and utilize it even at night time.

Hence, "on-grid PV systems" can secure your electricity supply during load shedding and at the same time money can be saved as electricity tariffs/ diesel costs are constantly rising. Furthermore, the combination of PV and a battery backup can increase the lifespan of your batteries significantly as the solar panels will keep charging the batteries in case of power outages. Thereby, frequent discharging can be avoided which is the main reason for battery failures.

The purpose of our "off-grid PV systems" is to create a completely independent power supply at any location. "Off-grid PV systems" can be applied at remote farms, lodges or even provide electricity for small towns in rural areas through so called "mini-grids".


Solar Water Heating

The energy consumption of an electrical geyser is enormous and makes up more than 40% of the electricity bill. Therefore, solar water heating systems are an econmic choice to reduce your electricity costs.

For our residential applications (200&300 liters) we apply the indirect thermosiphon technology. It means that the water is not heated up directly but by a fluid circulating in the system. That will avoid calcine processes in the pipes due to the high water hardness in Zambia. The thermosiphon geyser is mounted above the solar collector what enables an automatic flow of the fluid without any additional pumps.

We are one of the few companies in Zambia who has the competencies to provide also commercial solar water heating with storage tanks up to 40.000 liters. For those systems we apply split-unit sytems which seperate solar collectors and water tanks. Split-unit systems are ideal solutions for the tourism and social sector as well as bigger apartment buildings.

Backup Systems

Load shedding is a constant problem in Zambia which can cause devastating revenue losses. Our backup systems will help you to be prepared in case of power outages. We design solutions that will secure your electronic devices like computers, laboratory equipment or even the complete electricty supply of shopping malls. Backup solutions can come in various forms and combinations. We supply premium diesel generators in a range from 10 kVA to 500 kVA as well as battery backups with lifespans up to 7.000 cycles. Furthermore, we offer hybrid solutions which combine diesel generators with solar panels. Those hybrid solutions will reduce the dependency on the public grid and help you to save expenditures on diesel at the same time.

Solar Pump Systems

Zambia has one of the biggest water resources in Sub-Saharan Africa and our solar pump systems will enable you to access those resources at any place. Either for residential use, irrigation of farm land or industrial applications, solar pumps will ensure an independent water supply at your location. We offer a wide range of borehole, river and pool pumps with flow rates between 0,25 m³/h and 500 m³/h. Solar pumps do not need an inverter as they can operate by direct current (DC). Our service includes panel stands which we produce according to your requirements. That will make sure that the system works safely and is protected against thievery.

Solar Water Heating
Solar Pump Systems
Backup Systems

Energy Efficient Lighting

Our services include the supply of a wide range of energy efficient Light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lights are solid-state devices that convert electric energy directly into light of a single color. Because they employ “cold” light generation technology, in which most of the energy is delivered in the visible spectrum, LEDs don't waste energy in the form of non-light producing heat. These lights can be up to 15 times more energy efficient than the equivalent incandescent lights. Therefore, when designing and implementing PV solutions, it is advisable to replace all existing lighting with LED’s , as this will significantly reduce the power consumption but also the size and cost of the system required. Another benefit is that these lights can last up to 5 times longer than any other product on the market.



We see our solutions as a long-term investment and thats the reason why the quality of our provided products has highest priority. Our partners are leading manufactures of solar and backup equipment and provide long warranty periods. Below you can see the brands which we are currently using for our systems.







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